Clean Containers

Bring us your clean, dry jars or containers with a lid - we’ll weigh the container, fill it with your desired product and reduce the weight of the bottle at check out. There’s no need to pay for packaging, and you’ll be making great steps toward a zero waste lifestyle.

Some examples of a container that you can use are: pancake syrup bottles,  laundry or dish soap bottles, shampoo bottles, lotion bottles -- the dispensers of these are invaluable and definitely reusable. You can also reuse and refill with pickle, jam or pasta sauce jars! It doesn't matter if it's plastic or glass... you are going to reuse and refill -- and it is one less item in a landfill or ocean.

You can be as creative as you want!

To clean them, just use hot water and soap. You can even add cleaning vinegar because its acidity makes it an even better cleaner to remove scum and even helps with the removal of glued on product labels.